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Who doesn’t like talking about videogames? Lately I’ve been playing Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape series, which is a bunch of point and click room escape games you can play right in your browser, assuming you have flash enabled, or on iOS or Android if you’d rather play on your phone or tablet. They’re kind of weird and morbid, which is a big part of why I like them so much. I also feel like the people who made them must really love making those games because there’s just nothing in there that says they were designed by committee to appeal to the greatest number of 18-35 year old men possible. I hope the studio makes money because I’d love for them to keep making those games, but the games are just so niche that I worry about them. Then again the internet is full of weirdos so maybe they’re doing fine 🙂

Another point and click puzzle game I really like is Cat in Japan. This one is neither weird nor morbid, you just find sushi for the cat and it’s completely adorable. Bontegames has made a lot of puzzle games, but Cat in Japan and Christmas Cat are my favourites. Another adorable detail is that while most of the games are just made by Bart Bonte, some of them are collaborations with his kids.

On mobile, I have a terrible obsession with Tap Tap Fish (formerly known as Abyssrium). It’s an idle clicker with a virtual aquarium, which sounds boring but there’s just something so relaxing about watching my little fish swim around. If you really want to get every last fish, Sir Tap Tap (no relation, as far as I can tell 🙂 ) has an incredibly comprehensive guide.

If that’s too much action for you there’s also Viridi, a virtual plant pot where you grow succulents. I’m just going to quote their Play store description: “Viridi is a safe haven, a place you can return to for a moment of peace and quiet whenever, and wherever you need it.” If you play it I’ll warn you now to make sure you check on your plants every few days or they’ll get all withered and sad and you’ll feel like a total asshole for failing them. Er, not that I get way to attached to virtual plants or anything.

One thought on “What I’m playing lately

  1. Had my eyes on Rusty Lake Hotel for a while. Didn’t know they had some free games on the site.

    Tried Cube Escape: The Cave yesterday. The visuals are neat and the puzzles are actually pretty good. I’ll probably try some more later. Thanks for calling my attention to them.

    Otherwise, I’m currently trying to finish Darkest Dungeon, a sort of Lovecraftian party RPG with superb mechanics and presentation. And Steamworld Heist, a turn-based tactics game where a group of adorable space robots goes on a quest to topple a regime ruled by less adorable space robots.

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