Bonus spite: more music

Why? Because I can 🙂

What kind of sorcery makes a fucking recorder sound good?! For those who’ve been spared the misery, a recorder is a terrible wind instrument given to small children to make awful high pitched squeaking noises until a nearby adult snaps and hides it forever.

This is how you make a song with few and repetitive lyrics actually sound good. Serena Ryder, I hope you’re taking notes. Stompa was so good, how did you fuck up so badly with got your number?

Normally I hate remixes but this one is actually really good.

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for ages, now you will too >:)

Just listen to everything REZZ has ever done, she is fucking amazing.


2 thoughts on “Bonus spite: more music

  1. I love it when people share cool music with me! 😀 Thank you.

    I did not know the beatbox recorder man had a fucking youtube channel. That is awesome.

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