If you want to contact me privately, I can be reached at my name @ this You can also find me on twitterfetlife, and tumblr.

I hate to have to add this note, but there are an awful lot of idiots in the world. You can only reach me if you’re bright enough to realize I didn’t fucking write maymay’s Fetlife Age/Sex/Location search. Even if you downloaded it from and not maymay’s personal site, the part where it says “By Meitar Moscovitz” right under the title should have been a tip off. Messages from the kind of idiot who can’t figure that out on their own will be deleted.

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thanks for the add to your blogroll! I’m enjoying the early bits of this blog. Keep going. I like your tone and insight. I love reading from the pov of a female Dominant.

    As soon as I figure out how to add someone that isn’t on blogger you’ll be on mine. 😉

    xo -m

  2. Hi I was wondering if I could ask your advice on mentors. If you have time could you please get back to me via email

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  5. Hi. As I said previously, I am glad I found you. Forgive me, for over using a term , but you are definitely real. You have a good head on your shoulders. I am interested in your thoughts/feelings see what you are about.

    Have a good evening.

  6. I tried contacting you, but never heard back. Maybe I used the wrong address. I wanted to discuss writing with you real quick, based on your blogs and book reviews. Please let me know if you’d like to dialog a little. Much appreciated.

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