Happy Birthday, Not Just Bitchy!

Okay, so I’m a little late – my first post was actually on June 10th, 2011. Still, I’m impressed that I actually manged to keep this up for a whole year. In the beginning I was worried that I would run out of things to rant about, but it turns out there’s no end to the stupid shit people will pull.

The main thing I’ve learned from a year of blogging is that it’s actually not that hard. Granted, I don’t follow any sort of schedule and frequently go weeks without a post if I’m not feeling inspired, but the urge to write always comes back sooner or later. For everyone out there who thinks they could never start a blog, that’s exactly what I thought before I started mine. Just give it a shot, you’ll do fine.

If you have a post in you that wants to be free but you’re not ready to start a whole blog you should check out Dishevelled Domina’s help wanted page or contact me. If you want to rage about something, my blog is likely to be a good place for your vitriolic rant. If you’re a nicer person than I am, DD’s blog might be a better home for your post.

I also learned something really interesting about writing – sometimes when a post just isn’t coming no matter how much I struggle with it, it’s because there’s something else I need to write first. Once I get that other post written, the first one will flow much more easily. I really didn’t expect that. I guess I just have a one track mind; whatever’s on top of my mental queue needs to come out first or everything gets all jammed up.

In the next year I’m planning to post a little more often if not more reliably, add some book reviews, hopefully point out some good femdom porn, and maybe even write a little porn of my own.

Finally, thank you so much to all the readers who’ve refused to give up on me. Without you, this blog would just be a journal.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Not Just Bitchy!

  1. In the beginning I was worried that I would run out of things to rant about, but it turns out thereโ€™s no end to the stupid shit people will pull.

    LOL – The trick in the long run will be to not burn out ranting about all the stupid shit that people pull.

    Happy blogiversary.

    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s a good point, I think getting sick of ranting is way more likely than running out of things to get angry about.

  2. Wooo, congrats! I love reading your posts, and I’m always looking out for the next one. Here’s to another year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am glad you started blogging and decided to keep it up. I love coming over here and reading your rants and ideas. I am glad you are going to keep going.
    I would be delighted to host anyone who wants to post without the pressure of a full blog; thank you for mentioning that!

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