Signal Boost: PoC BDSM/Fetish Blogs

I’ve been meaning to signal boost this awesome list of PoC BDSM/Fetish blogs for ages, and I happen to be stupid busy with work lately, so here you go. This list was compiled by the Dean at, all credit goes to them. All I’m doing here is signal boosting the fact that kink is not just for white people. On to the list!


POC BDSM/Fetish Blogs *Updated List as of: 3/28/14*

NOTE: This is the updated list to the previous list that is floating around tumblr. Thank you for all of those who have been rebloging. Its good to know that there are more like us on here. Please make sure to support and follow.

POC BDSM/Fetish Blogs/ Kinsters of Color


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