Fuck Harper

Hey Canadians, Monday the 19th is voting day. Get the fuck out there and get Harper out of office!

Here are some long lists of reasons you should vote Anyone But Conservative:

25 reasons Stephen Harper is bad for Canada

Harper Watch

Shit Harper Did

If that’s not enough, look at this ridiculous fucking bullshit. The Conservatives bought giant front-page ads on dozens on newspapers and styled them to look like official notices from Elections Canada. We should absolutely blame the spineless trash who printed that shit rather than walk off the job, but the bigger problem is that the Conservatives thought that was a remotely reasonable thing to do. This is the level of contempt the Harper government has for us.

If that’s not enough, look at this other ridiculous fucking bullshit. My voter registration card said polls would be open until 8pm on Monday, just like they are for every other election ever. And now all of a sudden polls in BC are only open until 7pm. That is voter suppression and it is not acceptable.

If that’s still not enough, look at this other ridiculous fucking bullshit. Elections Canada workers at advance polling stations have been mistrained in an effort to prevent marginalized people from voting. You do NOT need photo ID to vote. By all means bring it if you have it, but you can vote with two pieces of ID with your name if one of them includes your address. You can also vote with two pieces of ID with your name and a person from your riding who knows where you live and will vouch for you. This is literally voter suppression and we are supposed to be better than that! Technically this mistraining could just be blatant fucking incompetence but that’s still a compelling reason to vote Anyone But Conservative.

If you don’t vote for any other reason, vote to spite Harper. He obviously wants to prevent you from voting if he possibly can. Go to votetogether.ca, find the candidate in your riding who has the best chance of beating out the conservative candidate, and vote Harper the fuck out of office.