Spoonfeeding is for Babies. Grow Up.

Every once in a while some random idiot will find me on FetLife, send me a message full of spelling errors, text speak, and grammar mistakes a fifth grader would be ashamed of, and then get all butthurt about how I didn’t spell out exactly how I want to be addressed in my profile when I point out that writing like that makes him look stupid.

Suck it up, you whiny little children. If you have to be told to spell “you” with all three letters, you’re not worth the trouble of updating my profile. I simply can’t be bothered to put any effort into making things easier for people who think it’s okay to spell like inebriated apes. Since there’s precisely zero chance of us getting along anyway, why on earth would I inconvenience myself? It actually saves me time when I find out that people are idiots right away. And idiots? It saves you time too. With the way you little shits whine and cry about how women lead you on and then don’t put out, shouldn’t you be happy to find out right away that I think you’re a waste of space?

It’s not as if the kind of morons who think it’s okay to use text speak when they’re at a full keyboard would read instructions for contacting me anyway. I could put “don’t use text speak when you message me” in huge, red letters that sparkle and dance across the screen on my profile, and idiots would still ask “how r u?” Plastering my profile with dos and don’t for contacting me would just make me look like a whiner.

People also whine about how I’m such a Meanie McPoopyhead as though it’s some kind of surprise. I have an entire blog dedicated to making fun of stupid people. An entire blog! What kind of moron expects the woman who wrote “Where’s your tiara, princess?”  to be all sweetness and light to someone who can’t be bothered to write complete sentences?

I think it’s the kind of moron who is too fucking lazy to look for clues about how to address someone (and there are plenty of them out there. Try looking at any single one of the thousands of threads about how to approach dominant women) and wants everything spoon fed to him. Now there’s a selling point on talking with someone: “I’m too lazy to think for myself, so you should spell everything out for me so I can ignore it and whine about how terribly demanding you are”. How about you just fuck off? The scene has plenty of idiots, we don’t need you.

2 thoughts on “Spoonfeeding is for Babies. Grow Up.

  1. *cheers from the sidelines*

    Anyone out of high school should already be aware how to interact in civilized society. Choosing not to do so does not make you edgy or anti-establishment, it just makes you look ignorant or immature.

  2. All kinds of yes. If they want to attract someone of a higher caliber, then they need to *be* a higher caliber themselves. The “im b ur slav” messages might land them a bit of online cam time with someone in Uzbekistan, but that’s about it.

    I even see it in local groups. People post, “Where can I find info on the next munch/event?” Meanwhile, every event detail including time, location, and description is posted a couple threads down or on the main group page. Reading doesn’t seem to be some peoples’ strong point.

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