Spite week returns!

You know what I really enjoy? Spite! Back at the beginning of last year I did an entire week of short posts specifically to spite this one sad bastard who thought that being kinky meant that everything I did was somehow related to me being kinky, because obviously I don’t get to be fully human if I happen make a manchild feel funny in his pants. While I was doing that, I discovered it’s kind of fun to write short posts about whatever I feel like. Enjoy another week of random stuff about my interests, it’s like I think I’m some kind of person or something.

This year, let’s kick spite week off with a few songs I’ve been enjoying recently. Because I am a human fucking being who has musical tastes that have NOTHING to do with my kink.

Sure, the lyrics are kind of repetitive but it’s catchy as fuck.

I just like this song, the way the video makes fun of music videos is a bonus but in no way necessary to enjoy the song.

Speaking of funny, tell me this song isn’t great 🙂

July Talk is awesome and you should listen to more of their stuff.

And one calm song to round things out 🙂


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