My real post this week is intended to be a bit of a public service. It’ll be published a few minutes after this one, and is a list of stupid things men do in messages that make me block them. I keep going back and forth about whether it’s worth writing messages to individual idiots to try to educate them. That post is a bit of a compromise, I can send all the sad bastards who send me terrible messages a link without wasting my time trying to convince each one of them I’m a person. If anyone else wants to send fuckups a link to that post in lieu of wasting your own time, feel free! Comment here or message me (contact info is on my contact page) if you’d like me to add any more categories of failure to that page. I haven’t closed comments on it yet but I won’t be at all surprised if I have to.

My other announcement is a reminder that I gleefully accept guest posts. Fuck off spammers, not you. I mean actual human people who have something to say and either don’t have their own blog or just feel like that particular post is a better fit for my blog than for yours. You can be as anonymous (or not) as you like.

One thought on “Announcements

  1. Speaking about stupid things, I owe you an apology. It is not uncommon for me to get anxious and nervous, and then not thinking very well. The question I asked you was one that I could easily have answered for myself by Googling which is what I did anyway. Sorry.

    Also, you mentioned guest posts. I am a recovering BDSM porn addict. My best friend who is a lifestyle dominant assisted with my effort to end seeking pro-Dommes and online porn. If you would be interested in a post that would deal with any aspect of that experience, please let me know.

    Thank you.


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