Guest post! Memoirs from an icy hot winter in Montreal

Today I have a special treat for you, a guest post from a reader! Clem brings us the tale of how she discovered her own dominance and found a way to keep warm in the icy Montreal winter 🙂

Memoirs from an icy hot winter in Montreal

clemdom I like Stabbity, she’s a fresh voice in a tamed niche, so you can imagine that I was in awe when on a rainy Montreal morning, she accepted to lend me a spot on her blog to speak about a «particular» encounter I had last winter…

I was born a shy and polite little daddy’s girl in France and if you came upon me in the street or at a restaurant, you probably wouldn’t even notice me. I’m introverted, I’m that shy girl in the back of the class, the girl that prefers looking down rather than looking people in the eyes, but it is true what they say: «Introvert can be Dominant», I am the living, breathing proof of it!

So let me just open up, get comfortable and talk about that hot icy winter I had when I first arrived in Montreal from France!

Now folks back home used to tell me all sorts of things about Quebec, it was icy, it was cold, windy, it was like hell, just a lot colder, a lot lot colder!

As the lumberjacks that first arrived here in America centuries ago, I just had to find a way to heat things up, and Man! Did I Find It!

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan … The man who uncovered the dark dominant side of my personality, I have to admit I was a little shaken up at first but like Stabbity says: It’s okay to be different and when I find myself slapping Nathan all the while getting my rocks off , I tend to forget about my inhibitions!

How it all started…

I met Nathan last winter in Montreal, while ice skating at the Atrium Le 1000. It was cold, a lot colder than I had anticipated when I left Paris for my little trip to Canada just a week before. I was a student at the time and wanted to study abroad, as far away from France, and mostly from my parents, as I could. I applied for a three-month scholarship in Quebec and was quickly accepted to study at McGill University, within the department of Psychology. I left Paris without a trace of guilt and embraced the adventure with open arms. I feared the cold in Canada but came to realize that my time could be icy hot if I really wanted it to. Nathan became my adventure, one of self-exploration. With Nathan, I found out how free and strong I really was.

Nathan was a very handsome guy. We started chatting and skating the day we met and then went for some mulled wine together and tongues became looser quickly. I liked him but quickly noticed he was not going forward with anything. He was just being exceptionally friendly, sending me all the signals but did nothing more. He let me boil like this for about three dates and when finally, I couldn’t help myself and kissed him. I nearly slapped him for not taking the initiative and, in my frustration, I ordered him to pick me up and take me to a room in the hotel across the street from the place where we were. He liked my command and did as I told him.

Icy Hot Discovery

I got such a surge of power from this, like never before. Of course I had orgasms before Nathan and knew that the female orgasm itself wasn’t just physical, it was emotional, psychological and for the first time, I came to understand what the most complete kind of orgasm was!

I thought of myself in a position of complete control over this man I had not slept with before and wanted him. I wanted him to obey me and to make him give me pleasure. And he did. This was the unexpected part of it. He let me do what my imagination had quickly built around the whole situation and MORE. Nathan encouraged me to dominate him. He encouraged me to slap him and push him down on me. He let me pull his hair with passion and show him who is in charge and I glowed. It felt…amazing. Like my real personality had just come out for the very first time. I made him lick my entire body, kiss my feet and walk his tongue up on me from the tip of my toe, to the knee, slowly rising towards the inner thigh and near my vagina. He was burning with fever and lust and I held him back. I put his belt around his neck and walked him like a puppy in bed where I made him satisfy me. I was the Dominatrix.

Days went by…

I called on Nathan almost every evening. I made him take my fancies and he did. He enjoyed it. I loved it. In his presence, I became the queen, the ruler, the everything. All had to be done as I said or he would be punished. I would not hurt him badly, of course, unless he disobeyed me. He tried a few times, but I used that belt which was always at hand and… Strangely, I liked it. I slapped him over his adorable bottom with some considerable strength and he shouted out loud, but immediately rectified his attitude, obeying me. This made me feel so hot that I could probably have melted Canadian ice with my wet pussy. His bottom was red and my face was smiling with satisfaction. He had a massive erection, so I am very sure he enjoyed his “slave” position. He was in the right place, between my legs, licking me and lifting me to heaven. Because that is what heaven feels like: a man between my thighs, doing what I am telling him to do. You know it and I know it.

Sexual satisfaction has never been the same since Nathan. He brought forward who I really am and as a Psychology professional, I completely understand this better than anyone else. I enjoy Female Domination Relationships and always indulge myself into giving myself what I need. A hard penis is not enough. I need someone who does what he is told and likes it, someone who knows where their right place is and who can give me the pleasure I want, when I want it and how I want. And my taste is not simple at all. Boys have to work for it.

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