Cat5 o’ Nine Tails

Or, my boyfriend made me an evil flogger, isn’t that sweet of him?

As cool as it looks, I don’t intend to actually hit anyone with it. I whapped my hand with it pretty gently, and it was not a good time. The connectors themselves are pretty thuddy, and they have vicious sharp edges. However, it fills my nerdy little heart with glee to have my own cat5 o’ nine tails.

In case I have any non-nerds reading, it’s called a cat5 o’ nine tails because it’s made of category 5 network cable (technically, it’s category 5e, but now I’m just being a terrible nerd), better known as cat5.

2 thoughts on “Cat5 o’ Nine Tails

  1. What might make it actually usable is cutting the connectors off and stripping the wires to give the tails, well, tails.

    Obligatory, We heard you like tails so we put tails on your tails so you can flog while you flog, joke.

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