Support Adventurotica’s Indiegogo Campaign!

The awesome folks at Adventurotica just started an Indiegogo campaign for a new novel called “The Golden Mask”. The book trailer they’ve put together is amazing, you need to watch it just for the epic background music.

If you’ve never read any of Adventurotica’s work, you’re really missing out. Go to their samples page and fix that! I’m reading Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande right now, and it’s fantastic. When I’m finished I’ll be posting a review here. While I can’t comment on the last 1/5 of the book just yet, the previous 4/5 are full of gloriously ridiculous action scenes and hot, hot sex.

Go donate, you’ll be helping awesome people and they have some pretty sweet perks. You could get your very own wanted poster!


2 thoughts on “Support Adventurotica’s Indiegogo Campaign!

  1. Oh, god. My background music. Oh god.

    Thank you. I cannot even thank you enough.

    I swear the story is so much better than the trailer. Although I will be COMPLETELY honest and say that the story contains no possum testicles whatsoever. Sorry to those who may be disappointed.

    • Aw, I’m a little sad there won’t be any possum testicles in the story. God only knows how you’d work them in (that sounds so much dirtier than I meant it to), but I have no doubt it would be hilarious.

      I thought the trailer was awesome, I giggled like a lunatic all the way through it. To me it said ‘you’re damn right we made a book trailer with nothing but sharpies and cardstock. Look at it and tell us it’s not more awesome than 90% of the book trailers out there’. Seriously, the only other book trailer I’ve seen that I actually like is Chuck Wendig’s second trailer for his new book Mockingbird.

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